“Joe Keatinge has established himself as the latest new writer I want to undermine and destroy. It’s just top class stuff.”
- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

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IN EXISTENCE NOW: Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Holy crap. I wrote an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that Marvel actually published and is in comic book shops right now.

Even better, it’s illustrated by Valentine DeLandro with an intro drawn by Marco Checchetto (with a writing assist by the Reigning King of Spider-Man, Dan Slott, and all lettered by Chris Eliopoulos). All of those folks were majorly ideal to work with. Extra huge thanks to Editor Stephen Wacker for bringing me on board, Associate Editor Sana Amanat & Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle for being so incredible to work with and every single person at Marvel who has been a massive support, like Axel Alonso, Ryan Penagos, Jim Viscardi, Arune Singh, Tim Stevens, Ben Morse, CB Cebulski and — holy crap, everybody. Its been nothing but super ideal working with every single person there. Making mine Marvel has been a mighty fine experience.

Anyway, there’s a preview up on CBR. I’ve been answering questions in the comments thread in case you have questions.

The early reviews are already rolling in and it seems like folks are digging it.

Four stars from Comic Vine!

9/10 from Chicago Comic Vault!

Anyway, “Dream project” is a term that’s so thrown around these days, but seriously this one’s — well, there’s this:



I hope you dig it!

So, hey.

I’m writing for DC Comics now too.

Coming this February…

DC COMICS PRESENTS #17, featuring HELL YEAH cover artist RICKEN making her drawing American interiors debut in an self-contained issue written by yours truly.

Here’s the official description from DC Comics:

Fans of DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS have already seen characters such as Deadman, The Challengers of the Unknown, Vandal Savage, Kid Flash, and Black Lightning and Blue Devil take center stage in this anthology-style series. Today, we’re pleased to announce that joining the ranks of these characters is RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS’ Arsenal!

Roy Harper is all too familiar with the road to hell being paved with good intentions, so he’s not totally surprised when an attempt to help Killer Croc leaves him running for his life on the streets of Japan. Also guest-starring Red Hood and Starfire, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #17 is a special one-shot that comes to you from writer Joe Keatinge and artist Ricken.

Below, take an exclusive first look at DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #17 by checking out Ryan Sook’s cover for the issue, which hits store on February 20th.


Well, the news is OUT!

I’m writing comics published by Marvel about this dude:

More specifically I’m writing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #699.1, which will act (more or less) as a ‘zero issue’ for an ongoing MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE ongoing series, which I’ll also be writing.

Life’s very surreal sometimes. I love it.

Anyway, I did a few interviews with my collaborator and series illustrator, Rich Elson, expanding more on what we’ve got planned.

Comic Book Resources: http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=40658

MTV Geek: http://geek-news.mtv.com/2012/08/26/morbius-joe-keatinge/

Newsarama: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/fan-expo-marvel-morbius-joe-keatinge.html

This all starts going down in December, so BE THERE!


Image Comics is running a couple of ads now for the GLORY and HELL YEAH TPBs.

Here’s the GLORY one:

It’s a mish mash of the cover of #28 and the cover of the TPB, which is this:

Then there’s HELL YEAH.

Look familiar? It’s a new take on the original #1 cover, re-penciled by Andre and this time inked by our new series inker, Fabio Redivo and colored by interior (and now exterior) colorist Jason Lewis. No one’s seen this before.

Here’s a version without all the copy:

and here’s the back cover:



Yeah, so.

USAToday broke the big news that I’m writing THANOS: SON OF TITAN, an origin mini-series about the Marvel Universe’s big bad, illustrated by the amazing Richard Elson. 

Its been surreal. I was of the perfect age when THANOS QUEST/INFINITY GAUNTLET hit and I became enamored with the character instantly. In fact, in a really bit of odd kismet I had just dug into the original WARLOCK run by Starlin when Avengers came out and, well, that stinger’s not a spoiler anymore, right?

Anyway, point being, when they asked me to write it, I was in the absolute perfect obsessed-with-Thanos headspace. I’m beyond stoked.

This is definitely a passion project in every single possible way. Huge thanks to the folks over at Marvel for making this happen!


Over the weekend Rich Johnston’s BLEEDING COOL made the exclusive debut of this piece of teaser

I know folks say this a lot, but I gotta stress it: this issue’s a big one for a number of reasons. Yeah, it’s the first issue after the tradepaperback. Yeah, it’s a major jumping on point. Yeah, a lot of crazy shit goes down. There’s more to it than that.

I’ve always viewed the first storyline, LAST DAY ON EARTHS, to be a bit of an extended origin story for Ben. This next one, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT, is very indicative of what the series will be like going forward. And it’s to a very different place.

I’ll put it like this, if LAST DAY ON EARTHS was the child of early 90s Image Comics, EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS RIGHT is what happens when the kid grows up and is on their own. You’ll see what I mean when it hits in September.

However, there’s more to it than just that. As you can see from the above, the art looks a bit different than usual and radically different from the original version of the cover that got out online.

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original:


I like the original. It’s good, but I thought we needed to be great for #6. In a sense, it’s the books true beginning. This is the series I always envisioned doing. We needed it to be even better going forward.

So, first off, interior colorist Jason Lewis has taken over cover colors from Andre. Andre does a good job, but Jason’s been doing an increasingly amazing job on the interiors. It didn’t feel right to hide his work from people peeping the covers on the stands.

Second, you’ll notice a second name under Andre’s signature. That’s Fabio Redivo, who is now handling inks on the book - both on the cover and the interiors. Dude’s such an amazing fit for Andre. The combination of the two of them turn out something really great. 

I think Fabio and Jason working with Andre is making the book even better looking than ever before. Just check out this step-by-step breakdown of how they created the issue #6 cover.

First with Andre’s pencils…

Then Fabio’s inks…

and finally, for comparison’s sake, Jason’s colors (sans text).

Looking pretty good, huh?

With the art even better than before, I thought it was time I receive some additional help. One problem I run in with creator-owned comics is having a lack of an editor. At Image especially, there are no editors, so it’s up to you to self-edit. Regardless of all my experience with PopGun, One Model Nation and so on, I wish I had a different pair of eyes looking over my work and shepherding things along. Some people think having an editor on a creator-owned book is somehow a bad thing, but I know in my own experience editors have been an extremely valuable part of the writing process. I dig ‘em.

So, starting immediately, we have one. I’m bringing on iFanboy’s own Ron Richards to be that second pair of eyes. If you listen to iFanboy, you know Ron has one of the sharpest critical eyes in comics. That guy’s opinion goes a long way with me, so I’m thrilled to have him on board. In addition, the guy is one of my closest friends and was even in the room when Andre and I shook hands to do this book all those years ago. He’s someone I have no qualms trusting with my comics baby.

I gotta say I’m really stoked for the future of the book - now more than ever before. I feel like we’re really hitting a good stride with the new team. The pages coming in are the best the book’s ever looked and it’s feeling like we’ve locked this thing down.

Hell Yeah #6. September 2012. 


HELL YEAH debuts POPGUN 2.0 (kind of)

I really like anthologies.

Way back in the year 2006, Mark Andrew Smith and I started an anthology entitled PopGun, published by Image Comics. It did pretty well over its four volumes, winning such acclaim as the much coveted Eisner Award and even a couple of Harveys. To me, that was all icing on a cake filled with some of the most amazing talent in comics, both new and old. We premiered some of the first full-color Image Comics-published work by folks like Brandon Graham, James Stokoe, Angie Wang, Frank Stockton, Alexis Ziritt, JM Ken Niimura, Jim Zubkavich among others as well as featured stories and covers by some of comics best veteran creators like Erik Larsen, Michael Allred, Paul Pope, Rick Remender, Andy Kuhn, Jeffrey Brown and many, many more. At this point it’s on an extended, indefinite (possibly infinite) sabbatical. Everyone involved in our editorial team have gone our separate ways creatively, for the time being.

I got into comics to write, but as I came up through the ranks I got a big bug for other things. Working at Image Comics, I got exposed to a huge amount of amazing new talent. PopGun was born out of wanting to give this talent a place to start. From there, editing and project management became something of an itch I loved to scratch.

As my focused shifted to writing, the opportunities to edit were offered, but I wasn’t able to pursue all of them. Furthermore, the opportunity to anthologize newer talent or established talent wishing for a place to experiment wasn’t there as much. I saw places like Dark Horse Presents cropping up as good alternatives, but even still, it was something I really, really enjoyed.

So, I’ve decided to do something about it.

Beginning in Hell Yeah #3, I’m starting a sort-of POPGUN 2.0. Not officially on in name, but we’re going to start anthologizing comics by creators I’m really excited about, much in the vein of POPGUN. This is an invite-only series of creator-owned shorts by cartoonists, artists and writers I think either are or will someday be a way big deal. I’ve been lucky to have a good amount of success in comics, in good part because of help I’ve had along the way, and I think it’s really, really important and essential to pay that forward.

First up:

To kick things off, we’re running a three-part serial illustrated by one of my favorite artists (and people in general), David Hahn, written by a new collective of writers coming out of Arizona, The Three One Five, entitled Baby Girl. It’s a pretty sweet bit of action comics I first came across at Emerald City Comic Con last year. I’m really stoked to debut it in Hell Yeah.

Baby Girl will run in Hell Yeah #3-5. Here’s a short preview:

In addition, beginning in issue #4, I’m also running one-page strips of my favorite new comic:

Yeah, that’s right. TIGER LAWYER. It’s a comic book about a tiger who is a lawyer. I was sold at the concept alone. Oh, also, he talks.

I got to read the comic and was really impressed by how unique, hilarious and interesting it was. Good times. I immediately asked writer Ryan Ferrier if he was cool with doing one-pagers. I was very happy when he said yes. 

That’s just the beginning. Starting in issue #6, I’m going to be serializing something by a writer I am very, very, very excited about. I hope you will be too.

Here’s to The Future! I’m excited!


This exists right now:

The third issue of my tenure on GLORY and the concluding chapter of the character-revamping ‘Once & Future’ hits stands today under this sweet wraparound cover by series artist Ross Campbell.

Been excited for this one to be published ever since its inception. I don’t want to say too much about it, but it sets up a lot for the series, I think even more than is readily available. I think the preview going around online spoils way too much. Just stick to the solicitation, ‘500 Years Later. Mars.’

With Glory’s past, present and future now firmly reestablished for the modern age, next month starts DESTROYER, which I feel really kick starts where Ross and I are going with the book. There’s plenty of punching.