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- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

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IN EXISTENCE NOW: Glory, Vol. 2 TPB + Morbius #7 feat. Superior Spider-Man!

It’s the first day of San Diego Comic Con (c’mon, Preview Night’s a full day, let’s just admit it) and to coincide I’ve got two brand-new releases coming.

First up, the long-anticipated…

GLORY, VOL. 2: WAR TORN completes the GLORY storyline featuring Ross Campbell and guest artists Ulises Farinas, Roman Muradov, Emi Lenox, Greg Hinkle, Sloane Leong, Jed Dougherty and the covers by Ricken, Ulises again, Nate Bellegarde and Kris Anka. Ernest Hemingway shows up. NOTE: the cover connects with the first trade by Nanaja’s tail! 144 pages of bad ass bad assery all for a measly $14.99.

There’s a preview online, but it’s from the penultimate chapter, which seems like a really odd choice for a preview since it’s basically at the ending. So, yeah, I’m going to avoid posting that on here, but if you really want it, you can seek it out.


The conclusion of our Superior Spider-Man crossover is here. Lots of punching. Morbius gets a new costume. The set up for our final arc, The World Breaks Everyone, is here! 

Check out this preview



This comic book is back.


Written by me. Art by Andre & new inker Fabio Redivo. Letters by COMEBACK’s Ed Brisson. Covers by RICKEN. Colors by Jason Lewis. Edited by Ron Richards. Good times by all.

Also features a letters page, TIGER LAWYER and a new comic written by Chris Sebela. All for $3.50. CHEAP.

Here’s a big ass preview.

IN EXISTENCE NOW: Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Holy crap. I wrote an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that Marvel actually published and is in comic book shops right now.

Even better, it’s illustrated by Valentine DeLandro with an intro drawn by Marco Checchetto (with a writing assist by the Reigning King of Spider-Man, Dan Slott, and all lettered by Chris Eliopoulos). All of those folks were majorly ideal to work with. Extra huge thanks to Editor Stephen Wacker for bringing me on board, Associate Editor Sana Amanat & Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle for being so incredible to work with and every single person at Marvel who has been a massive support, like Axel Alonso, Ryan Penagos, Jim Viscardi, Arune Singh, Tim Stevens, Ben Morse, CB Cebulski and — holy crap, everybody. Its been nothing but super ideal working with every single person there. Making mine Marvel has been a mighty fine experience.

Anyway, there’s a preview up on CBR. I’ve been answering questions in the comments thread in case you have questions.

The early reviews are already rolling in and it seems like folks are digging it.

Four stars from Comic Vine!

9/10 from Chicago Comic Vault!

Anyway, “Dream project” is a term that’s so thrown around these days, but seriously this one’s — well, there’s this:



I hope you dig it!

IN EXISTENCE NOW: Liberty Annual 2012

I’ve got a very special comic coming out this week.

The CBLDF Presented Liberty Annual is a yearly anthology with all proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics medium. As a guy who highly appreciates the free expression afforded by the comics medium, there’s not a better organization in the United States to support for such a cause. They do an immense amount of great work within the industry. I highly suggest you read this post by their Executive Director, Charles Brownstein, detailing what they’ve been up to in the past year

I’m proud to be a card carrying member (like an actual card, illustrated by Cliff Chang) and was honored to be asked to take part in this year’s anthology, alongside creators like Jonathan Hickman, Ben Templesmith, Andy Diggle, Howard Chaykin, Sina Grace, Steve T. Seagle, Marco Cinello, James Robinson, J. Bone, James Asmus, Takeshi Miyazawa, Richard Starkings, Ian Churchill, Chris Roberson, Roger Langridge, Chris Giarrusso, David Hine, Doug Braithwaite, Brandon Graham, Jim McCann, Janet Lee, Kieron Gillen, Nate Bellegarde, Jordie Bellaire, Terry Moore and a very special, all-new WALKING DEAD story by series regulars Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. 

Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson joins a very elite pedigree of editors on the series, which have included Scott Dunbier, Jamie S. Rich, Larry Marder and Bob Schreck. Eric was also nice enough to ask me to contribute, pairing me with an artist whose work I’ve long admired, BLUE MONDAY’s Chynna Clugston Flores. 

So the combination of working for a good cause and working with one of my favorite artists made this a great experience. The story we worked up, LUMIÈRE, may take readers of my work thus far by surprise. As a guy known for ultra-violent comics where heads explode on a fast click, you may be shocked by this comparatively quiet story about three generations’ lives affected by running a movie theater. It’s easily my first comic with a Jean-Luc Godard reference.

Anyway, for those curious, Here’s a massive preview, including the complete stories by Hickman, Templesmith and Diggle.  Grab the full thing October 31st, 2012.


LOOK OUT! Glory #28 is out today.

It’s probably the only comic book of all-time to feature this:

Spoilers, I guess, but it’s on page two/three. Our first double page spread in the series.

It’s a big issue in a lot of ways. It wraps up our second story arc, DESTROYER, paving the way for six issues of total pay off for everything we’ve set up so far, including two issues all about the character introduced in #28’s epilogue.

Preview up here on CBR.




This is a big one, featuring a cover by none other than KRIS ANKA! Isn’t he amazing? The correct answer is: yes, he is.

The insides are still all drawn by Ross Campbell. DO NOT PANIC.

GLORY #27 is part two of our three part DESTROYER arc. Last issue things got pretty damn hairy as Glory and Company’s location was discovered by Silverfall’s forces. This issue? Everything goes to Hell.

There’s a preview over at Comic Book Resources. Don’t read the last page. It’s a spoiler.

Also, if you wanna hear Ross and me jabber on about all sorts of comics for over two hours, Comic Book Revolution can hook you up.

Finally, I wanted to give a special mention to the back up comics in this issue. Image has provided us with a big ole preview of Michael Allred's IT GIRL! AND THE ATOMICS, written by Jamie S. Rich and illustrated by Mike Norton. Those are all great people. Check out the preview and preorder the comic. I will!