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BIG NEWS #2.5 (of 4): Brutale!

I mentioned on Twitter and Facebook the other day I had signed a big contract while on vacation. I was told this afternoon I should talk about it.

So I am.

I’m thrilled to announce Frank and I have signed a three book deal with the largest comics publisher in France, Delcourt, beginning with BRUTAL volume one, to debut Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d’Angouleme 2013.

Here’s me signing the contract:

Yes, that’s a Geof Darrow shirt. That’s how I roll.

Anyway, you may remember Delcourt from the recent news they bought Soleil, which is the industry equivalent of Marvel buying DC. It was - is - massive news. The effects are still being felt out here and I have to say, as bias as I may now be, it’s all looking positive. They also publish such titles as Walking Dead, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Invincible, Rocketeer, Welcome to Hoxford, Hellboy, The Goon, Star Wars and about a bazillion other comics, Bande Dessinee and even manga. Good company to be in.

However, the company’s only part of it. I love the Delcourt staff. Everyone I’ve talked to there - from their Publisher Guy Delcourt to their events managers, marketing people and designers - really, really care about what they publish and how it’s represented. This is embodied most of all in the book’s brilliant editor, Thierry Mornet. Thierry’s a guy whose name you’ll hear kicked around a lot in the French comics community and with good reason. He’s one of the best editors in any comics field, French, American or otherwise. There’s not a lot of people I outright trust to such a huge degree on an editorial level, but Thierry’s certainly one of them. There are a few more, but it’s a very exclusive club. 

On a personal level, French comics have had a huge influence on me. Working within that industry is something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I wanted a career in comics at all. Being an author with a book debuting at Angouleme is a goal I thought was many a year away, so this has taken things to a whole new level much sooner than anticipated. While I do plan on going back in 2012, this still gives me a year to work on my awful command of the language before I have to do a signing. Being in the good hands of Delcourt makes me think it’s a good start.

The best part is, that’s just what it is - a start. This signifies a beginning of a long held dream of working within this particular industry. I’m feeling extremely grateful.

That said, there will be more news about stuff I’m working on in the French industry.

And not just with Delcourt.

That’s gotta wait for another day.