“Joe Keatinge has established himself as the latest new writer I want to undermine and destroy. It’s just top class stuff.”
- Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Civil War, Wanted, Ultimates)

"I think Joe is definitely one to watch."
- Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible)

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MORBIUS: THE LIVING VAMPIRE #1, my first-ever Marvel Comics first-issue is finally slamming its way onto new release comic book racks the world over. Illustrated by the brilliant Rich Elson of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY fame and colored by Antonio Fabela of coloring a bunch of awesome comics fame. I’m gonna be celebrating the event by a release party at Anaheim, CA’s Beach Ball Comics.

I talked to USA Today’s Brian Truitt, about all things Morbius, including a special sneak preview. Any time I have a new project coming out, one of the things I look forward to most is talking to Brian.

If you want a taste of what’s coming, don’t forget you can still pick up Amazing Spider-Man #699.1.

The early buzz on MORBIUS is quite nice.

“Here’s the best kept secret of next Wednesday. Joe Keatinge killed it on Morbius the Living Vampire #1. Email your shops & reserve it!” - Acme Comics

Morbius the Living Vampire #1 could easily be your introduction to the character. Everything you need to know is all in this comic.” - Alpha Comics

“First came Daredevil. Then Hawkeye. What is the next must read Marvel series? Morbius by Joe Keatinge on sale this week!” - Arune Singh, Director of Communications at Marvel

“Morbius, The Living Vampire, is another successful launch of a character usually seen in a supporting role, now ready to establish himself on his own. Fans should not hesitate to jump on in.” - Brian Thomer, examiner.com


GLORY #31 - the first issue of the final arc of the series, ‘War Torn’ - hits shelves as well. Comics Alliance has a gigantic preview featuring my favorite panel in the series thus far. I’m pretty sure you can guess which one it is. Also features a very special flashback section by Ulises Farinas finally revealing just why Glory was in such bad shape when Riley found her.

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    Hell yes. Of all the characters from the 90’s Spider-Man series, I dug the arc with Morbius the most… HUZZAH
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    The other day I was just thinking about how I want to know more about Morbius, this is PERFECT! Marvel better hire me to...
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