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IN EXISTENCE NOW: Amazing Spider-Man #699.1

Holy crap. I wrote an issue of Amazing Spider-Man that Marvel actually published and is in comic book shops right now.

Even better, it’s illustrated by Valentine DeLandro with an intro drawn by Marco Checchetto (with a writing assist by the Reigning King of Spider-Man, Dan Slott, and all lettered by Chris Eliopoulos). All of those folks were majorly ideal to work with. Extra huge thanks to Editor Stephen Wacker for bringing me on board, Associate Editor Sana Amanat & Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle for being so incredible to work with and every single person at Marvel who has been a massive support, like Axel Alonso, Ryan Penagos, Jim Viscardi, Arune Singh, Tim Stevens, Ben Morse, CB Cebulski and — holy crap, everybody. Its been nothing but super ideal working with every single person there. Making mine Marvel has been a mighty fine experience.

Anyway, there’s a preview up on CBR. I’ve been answering questions in the comments thread in case you have questions.

The early reviews are already rolling in and it seems like folks are digging it.

Four stars from Comic Vine!

9/10 from Chicago Comic Vault!

Anyway, “Dream project” is a term that’s so thrown around these days, but seriously this one’s — well, there’s this:



I hope you dig it!

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    Definite 9/10. Even as a hardcore fan I had never considered his disease as being a lifelong condition rather than a...
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  7. idieclassy said: It’s so good Joe! I can’t wait for more! As a first time Spider-Man reader, it instantly sucked me in, and I really don’t want to wait a month to find out what happens next.
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